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Ramblers Inner London Area News - Jan 2016

As the New Year gets fully under way, I want to make you aware of what's going on in the Inner London Area of the Ramblers - the area of which you are a member.  2016 promises to be an exciting year.  News will continue to be published regularly on our web site at and on the Area Facebook page at  
Read on to find out what we're doing and how to get involved.
AGM - 6th February 2015
First of all, on Saturday the 6th of February we've got the Area AGM.  We're meeting in a new venue this year, Holborn's Conway Hall and it'll be a great opportunity to hear more about what the Ramblers are doing across London and nationally.  You can view the agenda on the Inner London Area web site at
Amongst the formal business, we'll be electing the Area Council and the members of the National General Council.  If you are interested in volunteering at Area level, do let me know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
GLA/Mayoral Campaign - Love London, Walk London
We're working with Central Office and the Ramblers Greater London Forum to put walking issues on the agenda for the city-wide elections in May.  Although walking is never going to be a headline policy in debates, it is clearly related to many of the issues prominent in the campaign.  For example:
  • Better and more walking will improve the health of Londoners, reduce congestion on the roads and the resulting air pollution, and reduce the load on public transport
  • Building on parts of the greenbelt has been suggested as part of the solution to the city's housing crisis.  This will directly affect where we can walk close to London.  All new development needs to be sustainable, and that means accessible and pleasant on foot.
  • New river crossings are planned up- and down-stream of the City.  These will open up new and interesting walks.
Accordingly, the Ramblers in London are calling on the next city administration to:
  1. Employ a walking ambassador to promote London as a world class walking city for all.
  2. Champion the Thames Path and other routes to ensure they remain safe and open for all Londoners to walk.
  3. Ensure equality of access to our amazing parks and green spaces, so that everyone has a green space close to their home.
Follow the campaign on Twitter on @Ramblers_London and read about how to get involved at
Other London Campaigning
In 2015, our footpaths campaigning, under Dominic Pinto, celebrated a couple of 'campaign wins', keeping well used footpaths open to the public.  You can read about the Brydges Place campaign here -
Our campaign to prevent the Garden Bridge, with its inevitable damage to the views from, and usability of, the Thames Path in Lambeth continues and will probably come to a head this year.  Read more about it, and how you can support the campaign, here -
In contrast, we have supported the Peckham Coal Line project to reuse railway land to provide a green link in South London.  Read more about this at  
I hope to see you at the AGM on the 6th of February.  
All the best.
Phil Marson (Chair, Ramblers Inner London Area)
Saturday, June 23, 2018