South Bank Ramblers



Some people have found that the new Ramblers 'WalksFinder' facility is harder to use than the old one. There is Help information available on the web page, but I find this is a bit long-winded.

The best assistance that I can give is to tell you exactly what I do. I am assuming that, like me, you want to do walks from train stations accessible from London.


First thing is to go to the Ramblers website. On the fron t page you will see a box that says Where do you want to walk?   on the upper left of the screen.


You can enter your home postcode, but I usually enter a central London postcode: e.g.  WC2N 5HY  (Charing Cross Station!)   Then press the Search button which will take you to the WalksFinder web page.

 At the middle top of the new screen, I change the distance to  Within 50 miles  



Your screen may have a large Map displayed. I find this map is difficult to use, so I click on the
Group Walks tab.


This replaces the map with a readable list of walks.


Now I choose the Date Range that I want. You can either type the dates directly into the date boxes, or  click on the date box and a pop-up calendar will be displayed which you can select from. I usually make the start and end date the same to narrow the search.  w4

You will probably still have dozens of walks listed, so the next step will really narrow it down. Click on the Suitability box on the middle right of the screen, then tick No car needed box.
You should now have a smaller manageable list of walks to choose from.


You may wish to search for walks for a specific Ramblers group.
To do this, click on the Walks run by box on the bottom right.   First select the Area   and then you can select a specific Group. e.g.w6

Note that ‘South Bank’ group is part of the ‘Inner London’ area. 

Other areas you may be interested in are  ‘Surrey’ (includes Kingston and Richmond group),  'Hertfordshire & North Middlesex' ( includes North London & South Herts  and Finchley & Hornsey group),   'Kent' (includes Bromley group)..    


I hope this helps.

Dave Hetherington

Saturday, June 23, 2018