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AGM 2015 - Soup and other highlights!

South Bank Ramblers’ AGM 21st November 2015…the Decisions that had to be made


Our excellent South Bank Committee and guests:  Gail Bourne, Kay Gamble, Ann Constable, Phil Marson (Chair Inner London Ramblers), Dudley Cloake, Roger Bennett, Nick White, Sue Ellenby, Dick Dunmore, Dave Hetherington, Jane Chapman (Ramblers Holidays),  Aleck Thomson, Angela Smith, Jane Baird

First things first…a difficult one….should it be red pepper and tomato, French onion or parsnip….
the lunch soup choices for those who attended the AGM, many after a blustery wet walk led by Fred Davis. 


Gail Bourne and Margaret Wasdell testing the soup

Having settled down to lunch the 44 members were then challenged by a topical South Bank quiz, with such questions as: which was the most used station on walks last year and in how many counties outside London did we walk?


Quizmaster - Dick Dunmore - handing out the chocolates

We welcomed two guests to the AGM. Jane Chapman from Ramblers Holidays reminded us of the Walking Partnership, whereby South Bank benefits financially when we book their holidays.

Phil Marson (Chair of Inner London Ramblers) spoke of the importance of the linkages of London groups and the publicity and campaigns that we are involved in. In particular he urged us to ensure that walking is on the agenda in the Mayoral elections in 2016.

South Bank’s officers (Chair, Treasurer, Walks Organiser, Membership Secretary  and Web Manager) spoke briefly to the reports circulated (on the website), highlighting progress made during the year.



South Bank (and associates) members enjoying lunch

Then…. more decisions to be made ie. who should form the South Bank Committee for 2016? There were no further nominations to those listed on the circulated agenda (on the website) and all nominees were elected to their posts.

Sue Ellenby, speaking as Chair for her second year, thanked all those involved in making South Bank such a lively and constructive walking group. She thanked in particular the other members of the Committee, all the walks leaders, those who volunteered to mail the programme and the AGM team of volunteers who made soup, set up the hall and did the washing up! She was very much looking forward to another positive year.


And then.... the washing up - Karen Barker and Patricia Cloake 

All  photos  - Kay Gamble

Saturday, June 23, 2018