South Bank Ramblers

Boots for Africa

There follows an extract of the note sent to Nick White regarding the old boots that you donated at the AGM.


Dear Nick,
Here are pictures of the boots and shoes for Africa donated at the AGM which I delivered to the shop Altimus in High Street Kensington last week.
Jay Chagger who received the boots/shoes commented on their clean condition. They will be reconditioned before being sent out to Africa and given to those too poor to purchase footwear which protects their bare feet from a hookworm in the soil and once established in the body decreases the amount of nutrition the host absorbs from his/her food. Materials from donated footwear in too poor a state to be reconditioned is recycled and the proceeds help with the cost of transport. 
Best Wishes, 
Jean Brims
Saturday, June 23, 2018