South Bank Ramblers

*NEW* Start of Walk Introduction

Introduction points that Leaders may wish to use at the Start of a Walk

  • I am (Emily Pankhurst) and will be leading this walk for South Bank Ramblers.
  • Welcome everyone, and in particular those who may be new to Ramblers or to the South Bank group. Are there any ?..If so I hope you enjoy the walk and do talk to me if you would like any more information about the Group. We do welcome new members/associate members.
  • This walk is approximately X miles and is planned at a brisk/moderate/ slow pace. It has a few climbs/is mostly flat /may be muddy etc. Just to highlight potential hazards of some blind bends/busy roads/rickety stiles etc. where we will have to be careful.
  • There is a WC at/its al fresco.
  • (If appropriate)..there is a drop out point at X where there is a bus/train to…X
  • We will have lunch at X and we will finish the walk at Y. Approximate times are..
  • How many people are planning to eat at the pub as I will need to let the pub know? Those having a picnic there is (somewhere) near the pub.
  • We need a back marker who has a mobile phone and to whom I will give a copy of the route and my phone number. Any volunteers?
  • If you have any problems on the walk or need to stop at any point please do let me or the back marker know so that we don’t lose anyone, or have to wait unnecessarily for you.
  • And just to ensure we comply with the Data Protection Act…some people take photos on the walk which may be posted on the website. If anyone wouldn’t want to appear can you please let us know now.
  • Please can the back marker help count how many people we have.
  • Are there any questions at this point?
  • I hope you enjoy yourselves…off we go….

Key headings

Introduce self                                                       Back marker

Welcome                                                              Problems

Walk description                                                 Photos

Loo stop                                                                 Count

Drop out point?                                                    Questions


(S E 3rd draft 10/06/18 Committee agreed)

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