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Dealing with incidents and emergencies

Dealing with incidents and emergencies

Whilst walking is one of the safest outdoor activities, occasionally incidents arise and this information is to help you and to ensure we are covered by Ramblers’ insurance.
The Ramblers/Red Cross leaflet First Aid- Tips for Walkers and the Incident Report Form should have been sent to you in your Walks Leader’s Pack. Or they can be downloaded from the Ramblers Website by clicking: First Aid- Tips for Walkers  and  Incident Report Form.
Please familiarise yourself with these documents and bring a copy with you on all walks that you lead.

Serious accidents or emergencies
In case of serious accident or medical emergency, your most important duty is to get help from the emergency services. Dial 999 (or 112) from your mobile phone as quickly as possible, and follow their instructions. If there is no mobile signal, send (ideally) two people for help, first making sure that they can pinpoint the group’s location on a map. As soon as possible after the emergency has been resolved, remember to report it to Ramblers HQ Led Walks Officer on 020 7339 8519, and to the South Bank Group.
The Ramblers/Red Cross leaflet First Aid- Tips for Walkers summarises what you need to know about getting help, and also gives some tips about basic first aid. Please familiarise yourself with it and have a copy with you, but do not feel obliged to go beyond your competence in attempting first aid. Your priority is to get help as soon as possible, and follow the instructions of the emergency services.

Other Incidents
Judging what constitutes an ‘incident’ can be difficult but any incident that has an impact should be reported. If in doubt, contact the Chair or Walks Co-ordinator for advice.

Reporting incidents
Ramblers provide us with insurance cover for walks in the programme (and walk recces) but as a consequence they have a requirement that we complete a standard form where there are incidents and accidents. There is more information on the Ramblers web site but the requirement is summarised below:
Please complete an Incident Report Form for all incidents, whether deemed minor or major, a near miss, or if outside assistance was or was not required. The information you supply is confidential to Ramblers.
The form should be completed by the Walk Leader. Always carry a paper copy of the form on the walk, and fill it in as far as you can at the time. Ideally, you should then complete an electronic version after the walk and send it immediately to the Chair, copy to the Walks Coordinator. Their email addresses and phone numbers are on the back page of the Programme. The Group is required to submit the form to Ramblers within 10 days of the incident – if you aren’t able to send the form itself by email, contact one of the South Bank officers by phone or email to arrange the quickest way of handing over the hard copy.
If you have any doubt as to how to proceed after an incident, please contact the South Bank Walks Co-ordinator or Chair for advice.
If the incident is major (eg. A serious accident requiring emergency medical help) report it to the Ramblers HQ at the earliest opportunity on 020 7339 8519, and report it by the quickest means to the South Bank Chair, or Walks Co-ordinator.

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